Our Goals

At Foundation 1st our goals are:

  1. Bringing your body to its full, naturally intended Range of Motion.
  2. Helping to align the bones/muscle relationship on your body’s natural weight-bearing surfaces on your body’s natural balance points.
  3. Helping you develop a naturally functional and aesthetic flexibility that helps you reduce the risk of injury while taking your body to a whole new level of athleticism.


Your Health and Vitality Goals are Achievable with Reposturing Dynamics:
Increase Head and Neck Movement
Square off Rounded Shoulders
Restore Neck Height
Rebalance Arms and Shoulders
Reduce or eliminate Back and Neck Pain
Improve Breast Shape and Size
Expand chest size
Flatten Tummy
Increase Height
Improve Balance
Increase Body Awareness
Enhance Mind/ Body Awareness
Enhance Coordination
Increase Energy
Extend Freedom of Movement
Promote Relaxation and Circulation
Improve Facial Symmetry
Lengthen Short Strides
Complement Spinal Adjustments
Increase Stamina
Improved Athletic Performance
Improved Body Alignment

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Clients Have Far-Reaching Benefits:

The painful effects of misalignment can be reduced and in many cases eliminated simply by realigning and balancing the body through Reposturing. Perhaps even more important is that when the body becomes re-aligned; major changes start happening in other areas of your life

A reposturing client, Jan St. John reports, "With Reposturing Dynamics, everything began to shift for me in other areas of my life. I looked better and I felt better. The whole structure of my body changed as a result. That led me to pursue my life purpose more deeply and to get more intentional about what I wanted to do with my life. It all started with looking better and feeling better."

Athletes Reporting New Achievements

As a Licensed Posturist, Cavan Collins is dedicated to seeing his clients meet their fitness goals. Whether you are a bodybuilder, runner, football player, weekend athlete or just like to play hard at whatever you do, this work can help you improve your performance. Cavan’s client are raving about the results.

Rosemarie Delgadillo, 55 and a registered nurse reports, “I was referred to Cavan because I was folded over with back pain. The relief was almost immediate and in a matter of sessions my back pain was gone. Through continued posture therapy with Cavan my widows hump has practically vanished and I am training to run my fourth marathon in February 2010!!"

Sean Manuel, ex-San Francisco 49er Tight End states "Playing sports at every competitive level forces muscle compensation from redundancy of patterned movements. Over the years my consequence was chronic injury. Cavan addressed these compensations in my body, and provided not only healing but also education on how to maintain these muscular corrections. I wish I would have had this stuff 10 years ago, it would have extended my professional football career by many years!"